This bright coloured pretty tooth fairy, ballet dancer, door hanger is perfect for anybody who has lost their tooth and is waiting for the tooth fairy's arrival. This product also includes a tooth organza bag to make sure the tooth stays safe under your pillow - also makes it easier for the tooth fairy to carry! 


Both items comes inside of a large organza bag


The door hanger is made from a frosted acrylic which allows for the design to stand out placed against any coloured door. 

It measures approx 23 x 9 cm 


The door hanger design is created using high quality professional sign vinyl. It features a large white tooth wearing a vibrant pink tutu and a pretty pink bow in the top right corner. It also features long eye lashes and rosy cheeks. The text featured on the design reads 'Tooth Fairy please visit here for' and leaves space for personalisation - this will be in the text colour black. 


The organza bag design has been created using high quality professional clothing vinyl. It also features a large white tooth with rosy cheeks and a big smile. 

The tooth bag measures approx 7 x 9cm


The door hanger and bag will be sent out to you well wrapped and in a secure box for protection in the post 

Personalised Acrylic Tooth Fairy Door Hanger & Tooth Bag