The perfect Christmas activity for young and old this festive season! Paint Your own Christmas decorations that you can display or give to a loved one as a gift. 


Each gift box contains:

2 x MDF shapes (Assorted)

1 x Strip of Acrylic Paints (Assorted colours)

1 x Large Paint Brush 


Each box is a lucky dip in terms of what shapes and paint colours you get. The shapes that can be found are Gingerbread man, Christmas Tree and a Snowman. Each box will contain 2 of these shapes. 


You will get a strip of acrylic paints in each box. The colours of the paints will vary from box to box - we do not know what colours are inside as they are sealed and this is a lucky dip. Each paint strip has 6 different colours.

Warning: Protect all clothes and services as paint may stain. 

Paint/Create Your Own Christmas Decorations

  • Paints may stain: protect all surfaces and clothes when painting.